Two Paradise Poems

First egg (Killdeer)

First egg (Killdeer)

Birds in Heaven

What do the birds
in the place they call Heaven
look like? Are they colorful?
Do they sing beautiful melodies?
Do they soar gracefully,
with great acrobatic agility?
Are there furry creatures there
pleasant to pet, to cuddle,
to keep us cozy company?
And won’t there be a little green,
a few green leaves, a deep blue sky?
Yes, I’d like a deep blue sky.
And I’m wondering. Will there be
stones, rain, someone there to love?
Will we get to eat and drink?
I’d like some tasty food, a strong wine
in Heaven, a few birds singing.
What do the birds
in the place they call Heaven
look like? Are they colorful
or are they invisible?

New birds (Canada geese)

New birds (Canada geese)

Reconstructing Paradise

A man set out to reconstruct paradise.
With an abandoned equation,
a few letters from an antiquated alphabet,
with the distant echo of a syllable,
he rebuilt the tree.

Clouds he coughed up
from his own lung’s eons of gases
till a beautiful storm cloud
banked up overhead
near to bursting.

Birds gave him the most trouble:
To redesign that which both sings and flies,
in a single act of destruction in reverse,
is a lot to ask of a man
who’d given up the world for lost.

From his own hair he fashioned
feathers and mounted them
on a twig from the tree,
then this lifeless creature
he began to teach to whistle.

What a wonderful in-earnest
sight he made, who had nothing to do
and no reason to do it! With what
a profusion of silly shrill notes
he bent the poor ear of outer space!

Imagine no birds (American robin)...

Imagine no birds (American robin)…

Copyright 2014 by Rick Clark


One thought on “Two Paradise Poems

  1. I love your Paradise poems, Rick. It’s fun to think about. I would want all you want and much more. I want to see everyone I loved on earth and all the animals I loved. I don’t know if Heaven exists or not, but in my mind I talk to people who have died. Mostly I ask them to help people who are still hanging around down here and who are having problems. I pray for Danny mostly. I feel as the people I pray to can hear me. I feel closer to them in prayer than I do to God because I can see them in my memory. I can’t see God.

    The killdeer egg brought back a memory of my early teens when I would sometime ride my bike to a dairy somewhere near Duluth and would ride a horse there. They didn’t have a saddle, but I wasn’t fussy. There was one horse that lived in one of their fields that had not been caught in years. Her hooves had grown into skis because she didn’t wear them down. She wouldn’t let anyone near her and the people who owned her just didn’t seem to care. I tried to make friends with her. Since she wouldn’t let me near her, I would lie down in the grass in the hope that she would come to me out of curiosity. As I laid there, I watched the birds flying overhead and heard the killdeer call for the first time. Lying there was so peaceful, and I was so happy there I hated having to go home. The horse did come close and sniffed me, but when I moved she moved away.

    One day my German Shepherd came with me. I rode the horse they let me ride into the field and Shep trotted alongside. No one told that a bull had been put in the field! I wasn’t too afraid because I was on a horse, but poor Shep was terrified and walked along under the horse! Funny thing, I can’t remember how we got out of there, but I remember that the bull looked angrily at us and succeeded in scaring us away. After that I didn’t go back there.

    My father drove me there once and was shown through the dairy by the owner. I went along and I felt sorry for the cows hooked up to the milking machines, but the place was clean though there was a huge stinking pile of cow manure outside in the back of the place. I wanted to show daddy how I rode the horse, but the horse was in foul and getting so big that I couldn’t stay on her in slid ingloriously off.

    I was fourteen.

    The second poem is a re-creation story to me. It sounds like God giving the universe a second chance. The way things are going, we’re going to need another chance, a new universe.

    Love, Aunt Diana

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